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Aircraft Rental/Pilot Services

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At Flightline, LFS we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. Rent an aircraft to take out for a spin, or sit back and relax as an experienced pilot provides an unforgettable scenic tour. We offer three pre-defined routes to choose from... or choose your own route for the ultimate adventure!

Here in Gillette we are close to amazing man made wonders like Mt. Rushmore and natural Like Devils Tower. Come see the sights from an unparalleled view. 


Photo Flights
Rent & Fly
Scenic Flights

If you are a Professional photographer looking for the perfect shot, or an amateur or hobby shutterbug and would like to get impressive angles and views, hire us to help you "get the shot"!  


Here at Flightline we have a small fleet of well maintained aircraft for rental and hire.


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